1- day workshop 

with Agnes Dabi-Caro

Welcome to a transformative sound journey!

Join Agnes for a day dedicated to release and self-healing through the power of sound.

We will use sound and the felt sense, allowing vibrations to permeate through the body.

Through soft movement with the sound of our voice, we will honor the vibrations 
present within us, whether they be physical or emotional.
Using humming with tuning forks, we will ground ourselves, balance the nervous system 
and remove any stagnant energies.


In the afternoon, we will use the breath and singing bowls to bring heart and brain coherence.
We will find our voice range and the chakra that needed attention.
By using toning we balance the chakras and release stucked emotions 
to eventually find the song of our soul.
We conclude this beautiful day by a relaxing sound bath, followed by 
the creation of a Sound Mandala by our voices.

This retreat is for everyone. No singing experience is needed.

However, this is not recommended for one suffering from epilepsy.  

Agnes Dabi is gecertificeerd Gong Practicioner & Sound Healer.  Ze combineert soundbaths met Kundalini Yoga. werkt individueel als soundhealer. 



donderdag 15 augustus

10u00 – 16u30



Wij voorzien thee en snacks, 

breng je eigen lunch mee.


This workshop is in English