A 4-part series to help you reconnect, respond to stress 

and live more fully.

With all the responsibilities in our daily lives it’s easy to leave self-care at the end 

of our to-do lists. But the choices of how we spend our time and react to stress 

and challenge are important for our quality of life.


You are not alone if you are feeling that it’s time to make a change!


Join us for this 4-part series that will combine guided teaching and meditations 

with practical tips and tools.


SESSION 1 – 1/10 

Taking a Pause

Together, we reflect on our automatic ways of moving through life. 

We learn how to use our body and breath to take much-needed pauses.

SESSION 2 – 8/10

Responding to stress

We take a moment to notice how we each experience stress and learn 

how this awareness can guide us in when and how we can 

respond to challenge in a more grounded way.

SESSION 3 – 15/10

Living with presence

How we think and what we consume affect our wellbeing. 

We’ll take a look at what this means for each of us and will investigate practices, 

such as mindful eating, that can help us move into more conscious living. 

SESSION 4 – 22/10

Creating Self-Care

We look at our current routines and whether they are nourishing or depleting us. 

This knowledge and some practical exercises will help us know how to integrate 

more self-care into our lives.


This program is for anyone looking for ways to better cope with stress 

and bring more self-care and presence in their life. 

No prior knowledge of meditation required. 

Sessions are delivered in English.

Lorinda Brinton’s interest in wellness and well-being began more than 25 years ago, with a deep interest and curiosity toward self-awareness and ongoing self-development.

She is a certified mindfulness (MBSR) and yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa) instructor, having delivered workshops and training on wellbeing and communication themes to individuals and groups in a variety of workplace and other settings. Lorinda has a regular meditation practice, frequently attends trainings for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, and when able, immerses herself in well-being retreats as part of her personal commitment towards a life based on intention.

Lorinda’s sessions are offered in English language (native speaker from Canada), with basic conversational abilities in Flemish and French.


  zondagen 1, 8, 15, 22 October

14u00 – 15u45 



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