with Lies Mahy

a workshop for teachers

How to build classes and come up with themes?

And how to really weave them into all layers of a class?

In this workshop you learn to bring inspiration and depth, so that a theme 

becomes more than just a sauce to sprinkle on top of the asana sequences.


Lies Mahy has developed a unique teaching style in which she weaves

her poetic language with various elements, depending on the context of the class.

Mainly her students describe her classes as a journey that takes them 

deeply inward and into an experience.

In this workshop Lies will share her tools to refine teaching skills and lift them 

to the next level: somatic cueing, the principle of ‘what, so what & how’ 

and working with chapters.


We get practical and design a sample class together 

so the learned tools are applied immediately. 

this workshop is for teachers who

* want to learn how to create classes that resonate further than the yoga mat

* want to learn how to really convey a theme and have their students embody it

are curious about how different elements like free movement, storytelling, philosophy 

or journaling can enhance your classes
* want to take their classes and their students to the next level
* wish to connect with, meet and get inspired by their colleagues

 “Dankjewel voor deze verrijkende en inspirerende namiddag Lies!

Niet enkel heb ik ervan genoten op het moment zelf,

ik heb de oefeningen die we gedaan hebben uitgewerkt en geïntegreerd in 

mijn lessenen wat een instant effect!

Na de les zijn meerdere studenten me komen bedanken voor de super les.

Sindsdien bouw ik elke les op vanuit jouw visie.


“Lies is een zeer inspirerende teacher.

De speelsheid, de zachtheid en de diepgang van haar lessen zinderen steeds lang na.

Heel fijn om de workshop bij Lies als docent te hebben gevolgd, waardoor 

ik op een nieuwe manier kan groeien in het creëren van mijn eigen lessen.

Een aanrader voor iedere docent die zich graag laat inspireren

en verder wil evolueren in het lesgeven.”

Lies Mahy has been a yoga teacher since 2014 and a professional dancer and dance teacher for more than 10 years. She has a unique teaching style in which she offers her students a lot of freedom and a safe space to work within the ranges of their possibilities. She works both with the structured frame of familiar asanas and encourages her students to venture outside of the safe space of the known, even off their mat. For Lies yoga is an amazing way to, through movement and philosophy, explore and discover, learn more about ourselves and the world and hopefully find meaning in life itself – even though we might never fully understand. 

Lies is an E-RYT500 and YACEP so you can use this workshop for your Continuing Education training requirement.


Sunday 7 April

13u00 – 18u30